So your website looks good but is it functional? Is it easy to navigate and does your content match what your customer is looking for? Here we will list ten reasons why your website may be driving your customers away. 

1. Nobody likes pop-ups! If you’re insistent on having a pop-up, make sure it relates to- or is beneficial to your customer. I would recommended having a subscription option only appear once your customer has actively engaged in your website.  

2. You are selling things on your website…but your customer can’t see any prices. This is an immediate deterrent for a consumer. They will easily abandon your site to find one that provides them with exactly what he/she is looking for. 

3. So you have listed your prices on your website…and your customers still aren’t biting. Consider the fact that your customer might find your prices too expensive. On the other hand, you must make sure not to undersell yourself when it comes to the service you are providing. Your prices should also stand out. 

4. Does your website have a good flow? In other words, does your website make it easy for your customer to navigate? You may want to opt for a drop-down list if there is an abundance of options or simply a “navigation” which is a term to describe the list that is displayed across the top of your page. 

5. Relevance is so important when it comes to keeping your customers engaged on your site. Make sure what you are advertising is exactly the service/product you are selling. 

6. Similarly to having too much information on your landing page, which can seem daunting to your viewer, there can also be too little. Make sure your landing page is designed as not to scare off your reader with too much clutter.

7. If you want to have a video on your your website’s landing page, consider having an optional ‘play’ button. Videos that play automatically are known to drive customers away, especially if they contain sound. 

8. The design of your website is just as important as your user journey. Consider the appeal and the type of readers your are wanting to attract and design it accordingly.  

9. Font. Font. Font. This may not seem like a big issue but you will be surprised at just how many people abandon a site because the font type you have selected. It may be either too hard to read or or the font is too small and he/she cannot read it at all. 

10. Consider carefully what it is you want to gain from your website and make sure to design it accordingly. This way everyone will be left feeling happy at the end of their experience on your website. 

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